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World’s most expensive apartment sold for 240 million dollars

The most expensive apartment in the world located in the center of London, on St. James Square, was sold for about 120 million pounds (240 million dollars). The name of the buyer has not been exposed. The building, where the apartment is located, is currently occupied by offices. They will be demolished and replaced with six luxury apartments. Local real estate agencies say that they already have other people bidding for three other apartments in the building.

Little is known about the internal reconstruction of the building. There will be solar panels mounted on the roof of the building; a car elevator will be built in the basement.

It is worthy of note that the company Labarre Trading acquired the building and other house next to it for 125 million pounds in 2007.

One of the most expensive homes in the world is also located in England and is priced at over $100 million. It has 103 rooms and five swimming pools and a heated marble driveway. It is worthy of note that Russian wealthy buyers come to London and increase prices at the high end.

New luxury properties constantly pop up around the world.

London , New York and Moscow are the world’s most expensive cities for residential apartment buyers.

Residential apartments or flats in Prime Central London are among the priciest in the world, at US$21,800 to US$36,200 (£10,960 - £18,214 or €16,305 - €27,095) per sq. m. Prime central London include Belgravia, Chelsea, Mayfair, Notting Hill, Knightsbridge, Regent's Park, South Kensington, St. John's Woods, and St. James, reports.

Prices in other luxurious areas in London such as Wimbledon, Hampstead, Richmond, and Wandsworth range from US$14,142 to US$19,361 (£8,675 - £9,719 or €10,560 - €14,458) per sq. m., also among the highest in the world.

New York comes in second place with property prices in Upper Manhattan between US$13,270 and US$22,923. Apartment prices in Lower Manhattan are around US$12,510 – US$20,456.

Moscow comes in third place with apartment prices ranging from US$10,764 to US$20,506.

Other cities in Europe that are among the top ten most expensive cities for condominium buyers are Paris, Barcelona and Geneva. Condominium prices in Paris are around US$12,930 to US$18,070 per sq. m.

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