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Bridge of Love across Persian Gulf to be 40 kilometers long

The agreement to construct a 40 kilometer-long bridge between Bahrain and Qatar in the Persian Gulf has been signed in Manama, Bahrain’s capital, the Bahraini newspaper Al Ayam said on May 7.

According to RIA Novosti, the world’s longest bridge above the sea will cost three billion dollars. Its construction will start at the end of 2008. It is due to be built within four or five years by the Qatari company Ad Diyar and the French company Vinci, the Qatari press reported.

The bridge will connect the Qatari cape Ras Ushairage and Askar, a borough in Bahrain, and it will have an express railway that will connect two capitals, Manama and Doha, separated by the sea.

According to the Qatari newspaper Arraya, there will be also transmission facilities and a gas pipeline built along the bridge called Djirs al Mahabba (‘the Bridge of Love’), which must make the construction profitable.

By the end of the year all the paperwork of the grandiose project should be prepared, the Arraya said.

Russia has already voiced its aspiration for participating in the Bahrain-Qatari project. Vladimir Yakuninin, the head of Russian Railways, announced it to local correspondents when he visited Manama this winter, the Al Ayam said.

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