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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Toilet business can bring staggering profit of 900 percent

Researchers from the UN University found out which business can bring a lot of profit to an investor. It is a construction business, although it does not go about the construction of large shopping malls or grocery stores. It goes about the construction of toilets. Every dollar invested in this business can bring the staggering 900-percent profit. For example, if an entrepreneur builds a 100-dollar bathroom, he or she may have the return of $900 in a certain period of time.

Experts studied statistics on the issue and conducted their own research before they came to such a surprising conclusion. The results of their work showed that a huge number of people, about one-third of the entire population – 2.6 billion people, including 980 million children – do not have access to normal bathrooms. Each of those people spend about 30 minutes a day to find a more or less decent toilet to relieve themselves. It is an open secret that a simple calculation shows that a human being loses about 15 hours of precious time a month. A year of such searches steals a whole week.

About $38 billion needs to be spent before 2015 to halve the number of the “sufferers.” This amount makes up less than one percent of the amount spent on defense needs. Investments in the construction of toilets can bring more than $300 billion of net profit. In addition, people’s health in many regions of the world will improve and the death rate will decline.

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The issue is quite serious. The lack of decent toilets leads to the distribution of diarrhea, which annually kills over 1.8 million people, of whom 90 percent are children under five years of age. Hundreds of millions of others catch infectious and parasitic diseases. As a result, up to 12 percent of medical budgets are spent on the diarrhea treatment.

The lack of toilets in the world has another significant consequence – the sewage utilization. Over 200 million tons of faeces and hundreds of millions of tons of dirty water remain do not pass through any cleansing at sewage disposal plants. This enormous amount of biological dirt pollutes the environment and distributes dangerous infections. Experts are certain that 88 percent of all illnesses are connected with the shortage of safe drinking water and the low sanitary level.

The problem does not touch upon African and Asian countries alone. In Europe, millions of people have to live in homes without water supplies. About 16 percent of population of Eastern Europe does not have water and sewage systems in their homes.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov