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Belarus Brings the Norms of Foreign Exchange Export in Line with Russian Norms - 15 March, 2003

The National Bank of Belarus has promptly made changes in the existing norms of the export by citizens of foreign exchange and brought them in line with those adopted in Russia.

The new rules, which come in force in Russia today, allow citizens to freely export up to $3,000. Sums from $3,000 to $10,000 are subject to declaration but it's not necessary to explain their origin.

The norms, under which the export of foreign exchange in cash in the amount of over US$1,500 was subject to obligatory declaration in writing and required permission documents, were in force in Belarus until Friday evening. If these norms had remained intact, the Belarussian customs house could have fined every Russian citizen going by transit via Belarus and having over 1,500 undeclared dollars on him.

The new Belarussian rules of foreign exchange export, similar to those adopted in Russia, came in force at 12 a.m. on March 15, the Belarussian state customs committee told RIA Novosti.

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