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Author`s name Alex Naumov

Top 10 oldest domains on the Internet

Domain name is a name that identifies a computer or computers on the Internet. These names appear as a component of a Web site's URL.The list below represents the 10 first domains ever registered on the Internet.

1. SYMBOLICS.COM (registered on15-Mar-1985)

2. BBN.COM (registered on 24-Apr-1985)

3. THINK.COM (registered on 24-May-1985)

4. MCC.COM (registered on 11-Jul-1985)

5. DEC.COM (registered on 30-Sep-1985)

6. NORTHROP.COM (registered on 07-Nov-1985)

7. XEROX.COM (registered on 09-Jan-1986)

8. SRI.COM (registered on 17-Jan-1986)

9. HP.COM (registered on 03-Mar-1986)

10. BELLCORE.COM (registered on 05-Mar-1986)

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