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Comments: America's Moon Expedition a Fake?

Even people ignorant of space technologies understand that then-level of technological and electronic development wouldn't allow to perform complicated space maneuversForty years ago, American President John Kennedy urged the people to get united about the Moon landing idea: the USA wanted to win the space competition of the 1960s at any price to maintain the image of a superpower. This was a dispute on superiority of two social systems: the flourishing (as it seemed at that time) socialism and the "decaying" capitalism. American felt very much nervous: they needed to save the prestige of the country. Right at that very time John Kennedy addressed the Congress and asked for $40 billion for realization of a Moon shuttle program. The whole of the world heard sensational news on July 20, 1969: Americans flew to the Moon, walked around the unexplored planet, raised the American flag there and got back home with samples of the Moon soil. As the time shows, the expedition was highly likely a fake

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