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Comments: President Putin accepted invitation from a 10-year-old cancer patient

The president was on his day-off. He decided to visit a sick boy who sent him an invitationThe president asked the boy if he was good at computers. The boy said he was. The president promised to buy a new PC that would be hooked up to the Internet. The boy got really excited at the news. Then Dima took the president on a short tour round the post-surgery ward where the boy had spent four months

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In response to the unlawful December 1 arrest and detention of Chinese tech giant Huawei's chief financial officer Sabrina Meng Wanzhou by Canadian authorities in Vancouver at the behest of the Trump regime, facing possible unacceptable extradition to the US, Beijing warned its high-tech personnel last month against traveling to America unless it's essential.

China Warns Against Travel to US and Canada