Author`s name Ольга Савка

Russian Teenage Tennis Star Maria Sharapova Hates Being Compared to Kournikova

Maria says that catwalks or magazine covers are not for her

The rising star of the Russian tennis (a little star, to be more precise),  Maria Sharapova, is currently demonstrating her temper and determination to win.  Maria is only 16 years old, but one has to be on high alert with her. The German tabloid Bild has recently compared Sharapova to the world-famous top model Anna Kournikova. Such comparisons have been rather frequent lately, so teenage girl Maria finally went furious about it.

"I do not want to be Kournikova number two! My looks on the tennis court will let me struggle with the image that has been imposed on me. I am going to prove it to everyone that demonstrating my body parts on catwalks or magazine covers is not the most important thing for me. It is much more important for me to be successful in tennis and not to get lost among middling people," said Maria.

Maria Sharapova does not want to be compared to middling tennis players. She is certain that she is not like that - time will show, if it is really so. As it is well known, fame is a dangerous thing. Anna Kournikova is a bright example to prove it.

Maria grunted her way to victory at Wimbledon on Tuesday in a battle of the blonde beauties against American Ashley Harkleroad. The two girls are in perfect physical shape, although Harkleroad is two years Maria's senior, but it was their debut at Wimbledon.

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