Miraculous garlic vodka treats diabetes and cancer

Miraculous garlic vodka treats diabetes and cancer

From time immemorial garlic has been known for its remarkable qualities both as a flavouring and a unique natural medication.

The invigorating qualities of garlic were used many centuries ago in Ancient Egypt. Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans were certain that garlic could put heart and bravery to warriors. In China the vegetable was used to treat the diseases of lungs and intestines. It was also used as an antiseptic during plague and cholera epidemics. Russian physicians believed that garlic had medicinal qualities against snake bites, infectious diseases and plague.

Garlic is a wonderful prophylactic against a large number of diseases, flu first and foremost. The healing qualities of the vegetable were a mystery for ancient doctors. The secret was unveiled by Dr. David Mirelman from the Jerusalem-based Institute for Medicine. The scientist found out that garlic was rich with allicin – the substance that literally eats up pathogenic microbes in the body. Garlic neutralizes so-called free molecules, the source of long-lasting infectious processes. In addition, it fights dysentery and bile duct illnesses.

Professor Mirelman recommended a dose of 10-15 grams of garlic should be taken with food daily. A close relative of garlic, onion, can harm the mucous membrane of the stomach and produce burning pain in it. However, garlic can be taken even by patients suffering from stomach ulcer. Stomach enzymes quickly neutralize the irritating quality of garlic, and the burning is felt only in the mouth.

Garlic is like a chemical laboratory. It contains ethereal and fatty oils, glycoside allicin, B and C vitamins, carbohydrate, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, chlorine, iodine, lysozyme, biologically active phytoncides and many other microelements.

One bulb of garlic is capable of reducing blood pressure, normalizes metabolism and helps remove excessive cholesterol. The vegetable is therefore used to treat primary hypertension and atherosclerosis. In Tibetan medicine, garlic is known as a tonic and prophylactic medicinal substance against quite a number of infectious diseases.

Garlic vodka still enjoys popularity in Russia. There are many recipes of this “anti-flu beverage”, but it mainly comes to several cloves of garlic added to a mixture of vermouth, vodka, gin and brandy. The drink should be stirred up twice a day and infused for not less than 21 days. People do not drink glasses or garlic vodka, though. They only take 10 or 15 drops of it two times a day.

Scientists have discovered over a hundred of chemical compounds in garlic for the time being. The contents of selenium, germanium and zinc can be effectively used for anti-cancer prophylaxis. This miraculous vegetable treats malignant growths of stomach, mammary glands, rectum and gall bladder. Sulphides kill staphylococcus, dysentery bacillus, harmful fungi, resolves platelets and blood clots. Garlic therapy can be successfully used for cataract, arthritis, diabetes, coronary arteries, heart disturbances, stenocardia, etc. Garlic can also help get rid of toothache, warts, pimples and furuncles.

Garlic therapy has only one side effect – the unbearable smell. This minor discomfort can be eased with parsley roots.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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