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Anna Kournikova Pregnant?

Julio Iglesias says, he might have a Russian grandchild soon

It has recently become known that Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova will not be able to play tennis, at least for about a month more. Kournikova has refused to participate in the Toronto tournament on August 8th-17th. Anna said that she had to turn it down because of the back trauma that she experienced in May of the current year. Various traumas have been an obstacle for Anna to play tennis for several months already.

"While we are disappointed that Anna's injury will prevent her from competing in our best field ever, we wish her the very best in her rehabilitation from injury," tournament director Stacey Allaster said. It is hard to say that Allaster was upset, for the tournament promises to be a very interesting one without the Russian blond star.

The prize of the Toronto tournament is $1.325,000. Anna Kournikova has managed to earn a lot more with the help of commercial contracts, not on tennis courts. She is definitely not determined to win her games. The new WTA list was published on Monday. On the list, Kournikova takes the 78th position - she is the last Russian in the top 100 of best female tennis players.

Media outlets still like to discuss Anna Kournikova's private life. Fashion Monitor wrote Anna was pregnant. "The most Latin lover of the world" Julio Iglesias said that he would become a grandfather again, when Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova became parents. The young couple is currently residing on the Palm Beach, Florida. "I am very happy for them and I know that they are happy together too. Probably, I will have a Russian grandchild soon," said Julio Iglesias.

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