Women imitate orgasm to please men, men simulate in bed to please themselves

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Women imitate orgasm to please men, men simulate in bed to please themselves

Faking orgasm

Things are not that complex in the wildlife. Driven by its mating instincts, a male animal will mount a female mammal with a clear-cut intention of generating offspring. The female of a species will feel no orgasm whatsoever – the anthropoids and pigs being the only exception to the rule. The task of procreation is easily consummated after a series of productive movements. The male will get its satisfaction in the process. Once the job is done, the male will get back to pasture. It is understood the animals have no reasons to feign anything. On the contrary, humans tend to take advantage by fooling their neighbors because humans are arguably the “peak of evolution.” Humans can fool one another anywhere they happen to be at the given moment. The bed is one of several locations frequently used for the purpose of deception.

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Women keep pulling the wool over men’s eyes

We still live in the good old patriarchal society no matter what we think of it or how civilized it may look to us. Ladies, you say you want the right to vote? Please take it. Do you want to climb up the ranks as fast as men do? You are free to give it a try. Does the service take your fancy? Okay, go and enlist if you believe you are up the job. However, giving birth to children has been, is and will be a woman’s key job. Therefore, dear ladies, please bear in mind that sexual intercourse is something you cannot avert. Whether you get any “heavenly pleasure” out of lovemaking is an issue of secondary importance. Needless to say, taking pleasure in sex is better than having sex without any pleasurable sensations. At times women can pretend getting pleasure out of sex even if they feel nothing in the process.

Several reasons behind the inability of women to achieve orgasm

Want of skill

We are talking about a lack of experience on the part of one or both partners involved in sexual activity. You know, it takes two to tango. So it is either he who cannot bring her to the “top,” or it is she who cannot play along. The problem usually solves itself as partners grow older and a more mature in terms of issues related to sex. Until that happens, a girl will roll her eyes, she will moan while tossing about the bed “just like in a movie.” And she will certainly say “yes” when he asks her: “Honey, did you cum?”

Sexual incompatibility

Sexual incompatibility happens here and there ever and anon. It is nothing to worry about if partners have just started sleeping with each other and their phase of searching for mutual sexual preferences is still on. By faking orgasm a woman can show her love and affection to her partner. But things grow more complex if the incompatibility of calibers, shall we put it mildly, comes into play. A woman will disguise her real pain as orgasmic moans of wild passion if her partner’s penis is far too large for her to handle. She is likely to pretend having a “journey to the Moon and back” just to make him come as soon as possible. On the other hand, a man whose love muscle is rather small simply cannot bring his partner to orgasm if the couple practices a missionary position. Yet smallness is not a good reason for hurting a good man’s feelings.

Health problems

Health problems preventing women from getting the joy of sex are aplenty. Anything can turn a pleasurable experience into a torture. A case of cystitis is one of the most frequent examples.

Orgasm is an issue for which a woman cannot care less if she feels a sharp pain or intense burning in her vagina during penetration. Dysmenorrhoea or painful menstruation can also make a mockery of pleasure when it comes to sex in disregard of hygienic preconceptions.

Mood swings

Woman is human too. She can feel lousy too due to a wide variety of reasons including a broken fingernail or an oaf who stepped on her foot in a crammed bus. The right mood for a woman in search of orgasm is of key importance because female orgasm is more psychological and less physiological in nature by comparison to the male one.

Job to do

Have you ever thought about the way porn movies are shot? We are not talking about homemade videos “for your eyes only,” when you try to do some sex acrobatics for the benefit of your video camera positioned on a night table. We mean pornographic motion pictures made for commercial purposes. Well, here is a couple of things for your information. In fact, all those movies, be it a short video or a full-length film, are made in accordance with the standard rules of filmmaking i.e. numerous takes, various positions, close-ups and backgrounds are subject to change in line with a plot while cameramen, stagehands and sound engineers run around in an endless flurry of activity. In other words, what kind of orgasm are we talking at the end of an 8-hour shift on the set full of light and strangers bound by their contractual obligations?

Men cannot be trusted

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