Surgeons remove 125-pound belly from Russian woman

Surgeons remove 125-pound belly from Russian woman

When Natalya M. was rushed to a hospital in Voronezh, Russia, the doctors didn’t believe their eyes – the woman had a gigantic skin-fat growth on her belly that didn’t let her walk normally. It was 36 inches long and weighed 125 pounds.

Natalya was overweight since 13, when she had hormonal disturbance. She tried all the existing diets, visited hundreds of doctors, but with no result. Years passed as her belly was growing larger and larger. Finally it became so huge that the woman literally had to stump it to make a step.

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Oleg Strigin, the head of the department of surgery of the hospital, where the woman was rushed, said they don’t do such complicated surgeries often. He said there are 4 levels of the belly-growth: the inch of more than 4-inch length belongs to the 4th level. We’ve never seen the growth of 36 inches!

The growth-removing surgery lasted for many hours. The surgeons removed fat the weight of a grown-up woman!  

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Later the surgeons showed Natalya what she was wearing. The woman was shocked and deeply grateful to the surgeons for having saved her life. Natalya has always dreamed about having a baby. Now her dream may come true. She is starting a new life. Only pictures of her old body and the scars on her stomach mind her of her previous life.


Translated by Lena Ksandinova


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