Author`s name Michael Simpson

Meals You Eat Reveal Your Character

Particular meals - for particular characters
Preferences in meals reveal the peculiarities of your character. If you say what meals you like we can understand what kind of man you are.

Type One: People loving fruit

Those who like fruit are considered to be attentive and sensitive people. They usually have many friends. They don’t like competition that is why people loving fruit have no inclination for making a breath-taking career. They are rather talented in those spheres where their artistic talent reveals. However, as these people lack ambitions they sometimes look careless.   

Type Two: People Adoring Vegetables

Such people usually abound in vitality; they are traditionally successful in professions. Lovers of vegetable meals are greedy for knowledge and ambitious. As a rule, efforts taken by these people never pass unnoticed. In everyday life such people are rather peace loving and try to avoid conflicts. At that, these people are anxious about their health. It is important that vegetarians should eat less salt otherwise they may suffer from headaches and stomach problems.

Type Three: Admirers of Beefsteak

These are usually impulsive people who experience ascents and collapse all life long. Meat lovers often manage to achieve success in life; however they sometimes fail to carry out their plans consecutively. Mind that these people are not always steady as partners. Such people are recommended to learn react to criticism in a right way. People loving meat meals suffer from different ailments oftener than other people, especially from gastrointestinal and vascular diseases. Another problem they often suffer from is obesity.

Type Four: Admirers of fish and sea products

People of this type are remarkably quiet and steady. Their steadfastness and self-possession win them respect of friends and colleagues. People loving fish are really very reliable in family life. However, such people lack openness: they seldom speak up their real opinions about others thus causing harm to themselves.

Type Five: Those who love spicy meals

These are people with burning temperament. They are usually craving for adventures; that is why such people are recommended to occupy themselves with active work to find inciting feelings. It is no surprise that such people commit "love deeds". The biggest problem they suffer from is selfishness, as their character doesn't allow objections. As well as vegetarians, this type of people is recommended to eat less salt to avoid some diseases.   

Type Six: People loving fat meals

It is surprising how lively and brisk these people are. In their offices such people are traditionally considered to be lone persons. However, these people often manage to reach the peak of their career. They are particularly talented with flirting and like to charm their darlings. A good recommendation for such people: they should learn to be more tactful as excessive openness hurts other people.