Author`s name Michael Simpson

Planet's Oldest Person Lives in Chechnya

Doctors say that in fact the woman is even older than the age fixed in her passport
According to the Chechen administration, the oldest person of the planet is living in the republic. This is a woman living in Achkhoi-Martan, Zabani Khachukayeva.

Deputy Health Care Minister of Chechnya Sultan Alimkhadzhiyev told Interfax on Tuesday that Khachukayeva turned 124 this year. Thus, the woman is 11 years older than a Japanese man who has been earlier declared the oldest person on the planet.

Doctors who examined the woman say that in fact she is even older than 124, as it is fixed in her passport. Physicians say that taking her age into consideration, the health of the woman is good; she is still healthy and hearty.

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