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Author`s name Ольга Савка

Mysterious Icon Removed from the Hermitage

Icons do work miracles

Professor Boris Sapunov, an employee of St.Petersburg's Hermitage, found a mysterious icon on a wall of the museum several years ago. The icon produced a sensation in the press. The Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper published an article titled "Killer Icon in the Hermitage." The newspaper wrote, museum's custodians, whose post was situated not far from the icon, did not feel very well: they were feeling weak in the legs, they had headaches and high blood pressure. Professors do not usually believe in miracles, so Boris Sapunov set forth a theory: the icon had a certain radiation, a certain "biofield," which could affect the psychological or physical state of an individual.

The icon was removed from the Hermitage either because of custodians' requests or with a view to avoid the public attention. Physician Vyacheslav Gubanov conducted an expertise of the icon's photograph. "This is a wonderful icon, a very powerful one. It is not guilty of making people feel bad. It produces the power, which makes the human brain vibrate at a high frequency. Not every human being can stand that. Most likely, the icon was meant for the elite, not for common people. There is no mysticism about it, everything can be explained with physics. High-frequency signals form the "biofield" of any living or non-living object, including icons. If someone comes up to it, the icon's radiation sets the frequency of the brain's radiation. The biofield of an icon helps people find a way out of a trouble, the faithful think it is a miracle. Not every icon possesses such qualities. If an artist paints an icon to make some money on it, it will be just a painting, not an icon. In the past, an artist had to be blessed by the Church, they had to pray to the saint, whose image they were going to paint."

The modern science often has to deal with anomalous activities, which can not be explained from the scientific point of view. As a rule, if a scientist attempts to analyze a spiritual phenomenon from the point of view of physics, the scientific society quickly puts them in their place. Academicians do not know, if icons have a biofield or not. They simply can not acknowledge that the world is actually more complicated than their books say. Some scientists say about anomalous activities: "This cannot happen, because this can never happen." There is no contradiction between physics and religion - there is the knowledge that the science can not understand yet.

"The older the icon, the more power it can produce," professor of the Altay State Technical University Pavel Goskov says. "We conducted several experiments with icons. For example, we put a glass of water in front of an icon just for ten minutes. Then, we poured the charged and the common water into two bowls filled with wheat grains. The result was always the same: the wheat was growing a lot better in the charged water. According to our research, the Holy Trinity icon is the most powerful one. Some people say, they can even sense its power."

The Church of the Kazan Icon was restored in the old settlement of Korobeinikovo, the Altay region, in 1994. The church was closed and looted in 1938, it became a granary, but the faithful managed to save the icon of the temple. The icon was working miracles: it was darkening in front of bad people and brightening in front of pious ones. The icon was finally returned to the church nine years ago. Local townsfolk wonder, why it rains only when farmers need it in the village. A lot of people gathered to honor the icon this year, when it started raining heavily. However, not even a drop of rain fell down on the ground near the church.

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