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Moscow Metro Kills Over 1,500 Every Year

Moscow Metro Kills Over 1,500 Every Year

Safety for passengers of the Moscow metro is a very serious issue. The biggest problem is a possibility to fall down on railway tracks, especially during rush hours. About 150 people fall off the metro platforms every year. Suicides make a half of such incidents. Over 1,500 people were injured in the Moscow underground in 2008, the Izvestia newspaper wrote.

Massive 200-kilo doors, installed during the construction of metro stations in the center of Moscow decades ago pose a serious danger to many. They can be very difficult to open taking into consideration strong draughts at the station entrance.

Slippery marble floors can be dangerous too. A 70-year-old male resident of the Moscow region slipped on the concrete floor of the Krylatskoye station in January of 2009. The man suffered a serious cranial injury and a brain concussion. He was later declared a disabled individual. The man filed a lawsuit against the administration of the Moscow metro; the case has not been closed yet.

One has to be especially careful on escalators. A tragic accident on an escalator took place at the Aviamotornaya station in 1982, when the escalator of the station collapsed, killing 8 and injuring 30. About 100 people suffer injuries at the escalators of the Moscow metro every year.

About 100 people die in the metro as a result of heart attacks. A cardiac arrest may occur because of the sultry air, pressure difference, rumbling trains and intensive flow of passengers. The situation reaches the critical point during summer.

The Moscow metro administration says that they do everything possible to guarantee safety to passengers. Nevertheless, tragic incidents in the subway continue to occur on a regular basis.


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