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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Putin’s chopper saves life of shepherd’s daughter

Vladimir Putin let rescuers use his helicopter during the recent visit to the republic of Tuva to save a ten-year-old girl, a daughter of local shepherds. The girl was flown from a remote town to the Republican Hospital for Children.

A helicopter of Russia’s EMERCOM, which was used for the escort of Vladimir Putin and Prince Albert II of Monaco during their visit to the Tuva Republic, saved the life of a little girl (ten months old) named as Anella Surungur.

The baby girl was hospitalized with an enteric infection, the EMERCOM department in the Tuva republic said. The girl’s parents are shepherds. Their abode is located several kilometers far from the excavation of the Por-Bazhyn fortress, which Putin and Albert II visited.

The girl’s father asked for help when he saw the chopper flying above his home. The girl already received medical assistance before, but yet another outburst of the intestinal infection resulted in severe complications. Local doctors did their best to help the little patient, but the girl’s life could be saved only in the republican hospital for children. Anella’s parents begged the medics to contact the rescue services, which in their turn contacted the crew of the chopper accompanying President Putin.

The helicopter evacuated the little girl and her parents. Her life is safe now: she is currently being kept – in stable condition - in the reanimation resuscitation unit of the hospital.

Vladimir Putin and Prince Albert II of Monaco started their visit to the Tuva republic on August 13. They visited an island in Lake Tere-Khol - the site of the Por-Bazhyn fortress, a labyrinth of clay built more than 1,200 years ago when the region was ruled by the Uighurs.

A camp was set up on the island this summer for an archaeological expedition to prepare for the restoration of the fortress, a project promoted by the emergency situations minister, Sergei Shoigu, a native of Tuva. Shoigu accompanied the president and his royal guest.


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov