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Author`s name Ольга Савка

Aslan Maskhadov does not deserve a martyr's halo

Maskhadov cannot become a Shakhid, leader of Russian Muslims says

The Central Spiritual Administration of Russian Muslims strongly rejects any attempts to represent the killed leader of Chechen terrorists, Aslan Maskhadov, as a Shakhid (the term designates the one who died for faith, a martyr, a witness), a martyr for faith.

”A terrorist and a bandit cannot become a martyr for faith. Any attempts to call Aslan Maskhadov a “Shakhid” can be regarded as provocation against Russian Muslims and Islam on the whole,” the head of the PR department of the Central Spiritual Administration of Russian Muslims, Muhammedgali Khuzin told Interfax.

That was a comment that Muhammedgali Khuzin released in response to a statement from one of Russian scientists of Islam, who said that Aslan Maskhadov was a “Shakhid, a martyr for his nation and faith.” Khuzin also added that certain public figures, who were previously standing up for the correct usage of religious terms, started calling Maskhadov a martyr for faith for some inexplicable reasons. “Such people slander Islam with their statements. Furthermore, there is no legal system that can justify terrorism,” Muhammedgali Khuzin stated.