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Unique art collection depicts history on bras

Moscow hosts a unique exhibition: “History of the country on bras”

On May 13th, Moscow's “Crokin gallery” presented a new art collection of one famous Russian artist Andrey Bilzho entitled “History of the country from Kutuzov to Putin on bras.” Andrey Bilzho proudly announced the opening date live on the “Echo of Moscow” radio station.

According to the artist, his previous exhibition of three bras which depicted Kazbek and Elbrus mountains was a great success among spectators and journalists. That is why he decided to continue with the collection.

The new art collection includes 25 bras, stated Bilzho. “There is one bra that is dedicated to Kutuzov, another one depicts Putin's eyes, Brezhnev's eyebrows, Khruschev's wart,  Yeltsin's reign, Lenin-Stalin.”

Bilzho also noted he decided to paint on bras was due to the following reason: “the object appeals to me; it is erotic; it attracts men and is used by women; it is also philosophical, because it portrays the everlasting battle of opposing powers, of Ying and Yang.”

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