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Will the Catholic Church apologize for the genocide of Serbian Orthodox Christians?

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By Ivan Simic

Will the Catholic Church apologize for the genocide of Serbian Orthodox Christians?. 49140.jpeg

The recent decision by the Hague "International" Tribunal to acquit two Croat generals  for their roles in Operation Storm, despite the preponderance of evidence implicating them in the largest single act of ethnic cleansing in Europe since the end of WWII,  as well as the recent acquittal of Albanian Ramush Haradinaj for crimes that included organ trading in Kosovo, finally removed any lingering doubt that this Western-sponsored "tribunal" was a kangaroo court that was established to dictate victor's "justice" by firmly placing all blame on the Yugoslav civil wars on the Serbian people].  Thus, all crimes committed against Serbian civilians are justified on the laws of the jungle. Operation Storm, with US covert aid and outright involvement including retired US generals working for MPRI (violating the US Constitution by placing themselves as mercenaries in the service of a foreign nation), NATO air support and the disruption of Serbian communications helped Croatia (which couldn't do it on her own) complete the century-old dream to rid itself of Serbian Orthodox Christians becoming one of Europe's most ethnically and religiously "pure" banana republics.  

The raped and murdered Serbian grandmothers who were too old to leave their homes, the slaughtered livestock of Serbian peasants and their poisoned wells, the bombings of fleeing refugee columns, the attacked Serbian Orthodox Nuns, the repeat of WWII history, etc. were all justifiable in the eyes of Western leaders who have only heard of alleged crimes committed by Serbians in a civil war but do not care about the crimes committed against Serbian civilians.  The grievances that led the Croatian Serbs, Kosovo Serbs and Bosnian Serbs (comprising one-third of all Yugoslav Serbs who resided outside of Serbia) to resist independence from Yugoslavia beginning in 1991 have never been addressed and will likely never be addressed by Western powers fanatically eager to destroy once highly respected Yugoslavia and the ideals that the multiethnic state, one of the founding members of the UN, once embodied.   It also enables the West to continue its slaughter of Serbian Orthodox Christians that has been ongoing for over 100 years undaunted and without shame.

It is these grievances that were swept under the carpet first by half-Croat/half-Slovene Josip Broz Tito after WWII (who sought "brotherly unity" or "bratsvo jedinstvo" in Yugoslavia) and then by the West, led by Germany and the Vatican in 1992 to prematurely recognize Croatia's illegal independence.  This despite the fears of the once substantial Serbian minority there who witnessed a resurrected fascist state that treated them as third class citizens and rehabilitated all of fascist rhetoric and symbolism of the WWII "Independent" State of Croatia (NDH).  All of the crimes committed in this Western-sanctioned persecution and slaughter of the Serbian people in the recent Yugoslav civil wars were really the final stage of an even more terrible genocide of Serbian Orthodox Christians, Jews and Gypsies in the Nazi-puppet "Independent" State of Croatia (NDH) during WWII which encompassed today's Croatia, Bosnia, and a large swath of Serbia up to Belgrade.  This fanatically primitive and fascist state had as a formal policy (established by Mile Budak) that one third of the Serbs living in its territory would be ethnically cleansed, one third would be converted to Roman Catholicism, and one third would be slaughtered.  In the end, some 500,000 - 1,000,000 Serbians, 70,000 Jews, and 20,000 Gypsies (including over 100,000 children) perished in this medieval fascist puppet state and some 200,000 Serbian Orthodox Christians were forcibly converted to Roman Catholicism in the space of four short years (1941-1945).  

Even the Nazis and fascist Italians were appalled by the sheer scale and brutality of the crimes committed by the Croatian Ustashe and other indigenous fascist groups (such as the Bosnian Muslim Handzars and Kosovo Albanians) which to this date have largely not been acknowledged, prosecuted, or compensated for, and which have prevented any reconciliation.  What is even less publicized is the role of the Catholic Church in aiding and promoting the slaughter of Orthodox Christians which continues to this day and which will forever drive a wedge between Orthodox Christianity and Roman Catholicism.  Many books such as Magnum Crimen (Enormous Crime) and The Vatican's Holocaust have detailed the role of the Catholic Church and Mussolini in supporting the Croatian Ustashe in its infancy in the 1930's and then installing this terrorist organization to rule the NDH (under Nazi supervision).   Croatian Catholic clergy actively participated in and helped organize mass orgies of sadistic violence and evil heresy as some even had competitions to see how many Serbian throats could be slit with one knife - the record being some 1360 in one evening.  Serbians were murdered right in their Orthodox Churches (e.g. in Glina) and thousands of Serbs were converted en masse to Catholicism only to be slaughtered immediately afterward. 

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