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Sensational archaeological discovery: John the Baptist's cave found

The cave was found incidentally during archaeological excavations

British archeologist Shimon Gibson has recently made a sensational discovery, which proves the historical reality of John the Baptist. The archaeologist found a cave with a large baptismal font in Ein Kerem, west off Jerusalem. According to early Christian chronicles, John the Baptist was born in that village.

The cave was found incidentally during archaeological excavations. It is closed for visitors now to let scientists and clerics examine and study it thoroughly.

"John the Baptist, who was just a figure from the Gospels, now comes to life," Shimon Gibson stated. The scientist is certain he has found the place, where John the Baptist used to live in seclusion and where he started baptizing first Christians.

According to Gibson, the cave is 24 meters long, four meters deep and four meters wide. The cave can house up to 30 people. John the Baptist's image can be seen carved on one of the walls of the cave.

Several researchers believe the examination of the cave does not allow to say John the Baptist really existed. Gibson's skeptical colleagues insist his finds are not convincing.

John the Baptist was the prophet, who heralded Jesus Christ's coming. John was a distant relative of Jesus, their mothers were kin. According to the Gospels, John lived in seclusion on the outskirts of Jerusalem in Ein Kerem. He baptized Jesus Christ in River Jordan.

The expedition discovered the cave, which used to be the center of John the Baptist's Christian cult until the 11th century and apparently served as a shelter to the prophet himself and his followers. Scientists found numerous ceramic pieces in the cave, dating from the 1st century A.D. – the era described in the Gospels. 

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