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Russian State Television Channels Refuse To Make Film About Kursk

The state television seems to be very busy

On October 25th, the NTV television network showed the documentary devoted to the tragedy of the Kursk submarine. The documentary was called "Kursk." The Last Berthing." The project was backed up by the Russian Ministry for Culture. KSF.Ru website, PRAVDA.Ru's information partner in the Zapolarye region, said that the documentary had been with the assistance of the St.Petersburg marine technology bureau Rubin - the partner of the Dutch company Mammoet in the operation to raise the sunken submarine from the bottom of the Barents Sea.

The above-mentioned documentary has not been shown on Russia's major state channels. Rubin's press service chairman Gennady Sorokin said: "Probably, they have very busy people working there. We have offered the footage on raising the Kursk to the First Channel, to the Russia television channel, but they have refused to deal with it. We are very grateful to NTV - the only channel that has agreed to make this film."

On the photo: This is how the viewers saw the Kursk at the start of the documentary - the submarine has just been completed at SevmashEnterprise (Sevmashpredpriyatiye).

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