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First Muslim capital of Siberia was in Omsk region

Archaeologists from Russia and Germany are completing the archeological dig on the place where an ancient Muslim capital in West Siberia was located.
The expedition of professional archaeologists and Russian and German students from schools and universities, is doing excavation work in Ust-Ishim district. The German students arrived in Russia on an exchange program. The ruins of the ancient city were discovered in the 1930s, Russian archaeologists started researching the area in the 1960s, and since 1999 the expeditions of Russians and Germans have been organized. Some historians from the city of Omsk believe that Kyzyl-Tura – the ancient capital of Taubugid clan of Tatars – was located there. The further research will reply to this question.

According to the historians of Islam, in the end of XV century Kyzyl-Tura was considered the first capital of the Muslem Siberia, and Sheibanid Khans ruled the region from the capital. In Tyumen which was called Chimgi Tur, Sheibanids’ vassals Taibugins resided and ruled their area. After Sheibanid Abraham-Khan united the two territories, the Khan’s residence was transferred to Tyumen. In the end of XVI cеntury Kyzyl-Tura was conquered by Ermak’s detachment of Cossacks. The ruins of the Mosque destroyed by the Cossacks, preserved until mid-XVIII century, Islam.ru reported.