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25 Saharawi prisoners to be judged this week

25 Saharawi prisoners to be judged this week. 49272.jpeg

This week two trials were planned for Sahrawi prisoners. The first, on Monday, January 28 was an appeal trial and punishment of Mohamed Dahani, postponed. The second will be held on Friday, February 1. The 24 young people arrested after the dismantling of the camp-Gdeim Izik protest in November 2010 will be judged.

MOHAMED Dahani - 28 January 2013

The appeal trial and punishment of Mohamed Dahani, scheduled for today at 9 am, has been postponed again at the request of his lawyer, who wants more time to prepare the case.

Dahani Mohamed is serving 10 years for belonging to a terrorist group and the Frente Polisario, although the only evidence against him is a testimony given under torture. Today, dressed in Darrah (Saharawi traditional costume), he has entered the room shouting "There is no other solution than self-determination", as he did in previous times. In the room were Dahani's father, a dozen relatives and friends (both male and female), and two Spanish observers. Dahani's mother regretted not being able to go to trial for taking care of other minor children in the Aayún, 1200 km from where it was held.

The postponement has been received by the family in hope, they think that they can better prepare the defense. In addition, at the request of Dahani, a second attorney will be incorporated into the work.

The police presence in the room, two uniformed policemen on either side of it and three civilians, has been less intense than in the past.

According to the testimony of one, Dahani Mohamed and his family after they arrested him and tortured him in April 2010, the Moroccan secret services proposed to pose as a member of the Polisario Front and on the Internet were claiming intent to commit deadly attacks in Europe in exchange for release and special treatment. When he refused to cooperate, not only was he not released and spent months in a secret prison in Temara, but it all started legal proceedings against him on charges of membership of a terrorist cell.

Trial before the military court in Rabat of 24 Saharawi prisoners, scheduled for 1 February 2013

The trial of day 1, unlike the previous one, it is a trial before the military court in Rabat. Therefore, the Sahrawi Association of Victims of Grave Human Rights Violations (ASVDH) expresses great concern because they are prisoners and civilians under military jurisdiction has no jurisdiction in this case.

Konstantin Karpov

Source: Thawra Sahara



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