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Author`s name Michael Simpson

Bush Prohibited Iraqis From Attacking US Soldiers

20 American soldiers were killed in Iraq after the official end of the war
Until recently the US Administration diligently disregarded the fact of a partisan war being waged in Iraq. The USA couldn't completely deny the very fact of the partisan war as attacks at American soldiers were known to everyone. Still, the military and officials allegedly declared in their comments there was no organized resistance in Iraq. They said there were just few separate villains who were still in opposition to the US army. But attacks at American soldiers still occur, that is why the President himself decided to speak out on the problem.

George W. Bush spoke at a press-conference and said that no acts of terrorism would prevent the American military from staying within the Iraqi territory until stability and safety settled in the region.

George W. Bush said that anyone attempting to harm American troops would be found and prosecuted. He said it was a wrong opinion that Americans would leave Iraq earlier if more attacks at US soldiers continued. On the contrary, he said, Americans have enough force to control the situation.

There is no doubt that Americans have enough force, especially that it is talked everywhere that the US group in Iraq may soon increase by tens of thousands of soldiers. There is one more interesting detail about the Iraqi situation. According to Russia's news agency RIA Novosti, George W. Bush "welcomes any intention of other countries to help the USA and to send their troops to Iraq for restoration of peace in the country." Thus, Americans declare they want to fight till final victory but at the same time they are reluctant to meet the hail of bullets alone.

Some countries have already declared they were ready to send soldiers to Iraq. Poland was the first to declare the intention; very soon 7,000 Polish soldiers will admire Tigris and Euphrates. The situation is slightly difficult with other countries: India for example is still persisting it won't send its corps of 20,000 soldiers to Iraq. Washington will keep on pressing Delhi to send the troops to Iraq. Indeed, Indian troops in Iraq would have symbolic significance: India was one of the countries that had condemned the war launched by the USA against Baghdad.  It would mean that both countries have solved all controversy.

Nevertheless, only Americans and Britons have to suffer from attacks of Iraqis now. According to official statistics, 20 American soldiers were killed in Iraq after the official end of the war (May 1).

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