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Washington: Subversion, law-breaking, terrorism

Washington: Subversion, law-breaking, terrorism. 52547.jpeg
Monument to Cubana Flt. 455 victims

The external policy of Washington, as we have seen in Iraq, in Libya and now in Syria, has to do with subversion, interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign states, against international law and increasingly, is tied to terrorists or acts of terrorism. The latest chapter in this story is from Cuba.

The latest escapade from Washington was a plan to create a telecommunications network called Zunzuneo, to become popular among young Cubans and to disseminate anti-Government propaganda, as revealed recently by Associated press, which has stated that it came into contact with around one thousand documents about setting up Zunzuneo. Zunzuneo operated in Cuba between 2009 and 2012.

The Cuban Government has responded, stating "This demonstrates, yet again, that the Government of the United States has not renounced its subversive plans against Cuba, which aim to create situations of instability in this country to provoke changes in our political order and to which the USA continues to back with multimillionaire budgets every year".

"The Government of the United States of America should respect International Law and the terms and principles of the United Nations Charter and therefore cease its illegal and subversive actions against Cuba, which are rejected by the people of Cuba and by the international community", continued the statement.

The plan was to use USAID as a means to promote Zunzuneo, a type of Cuban anti-Government Twitter, funded by front companies which channeled investment into the project, and to garner information from the users which was to be stored and used by the US authorities for political motives.

Since any subversive or secret operation requires the US President to apply to Congress in writing, to what extent was President Obama involved in this plan? It appears that the respective Sub-Comittee in the USA supervising this type of activity was not informed, if we believe the words of Senator Patrick Leahy.

Another nasty chapter in Washington's dealings with the Republic of Cuba, which includes assassination attempts against Fidel Castro and other Government officials, terrorist campaigns murdering peasants and teachers, involvement with the act or actors in the terrorist attack on a commercial airliner from Cubana Airlines in 1976 with 78 people on board, and many other acts.

The financial operation was covered up by front companies opened in Spain using the Cayman Islands, and the alleged involvement of USAID in the scan shows that its claim that it is never involved in acts of subversion is hollow, to say the least.

Timofei Belov




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