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Saddam Hussein May Be Hiding in Mosque in Tikrit - 10 April, 2003

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein may currently be hiding in one of the mosques in his home town of Tikrit, located in the central region of Iraq.

As a Rosbalt correspondent was told at coalition headquarters in Doha (Qatar), US marines are currently involved in a search operation for the Iraqi leader. Coalition leaders claim that Hussein has an enormous underground bunker underneath the central mosque in Tikrit. An attack on Tikrit is expected within the next few days.

China poses an existential threat to US global economic dominance, including the advancement of its Indo-Pacific military footprint.

US Economic War on China

War negates human nature and societal peace and harmony. H.G. Wells manifested the declaration of human rights in 1939 and wondered "What are we Fighting for?"

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