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Two arrested in connection with Kadyrov's assassination

Two suspects have been arrested in connection with assassination of Chechnya's president Akhmad Kadyrov.

“Two men involved in preparation and execution of the explosion which took place at “Dinamo” stadium in Grozny on May 9th 2004 have been arrested,” stated deputy chief of public prosecutor Sergey Fridinsky Thursday.

According to him, both arrested confessed to the crime. For the moment, the names of the two men are not to be disclosed. It is only known that both of them are Chechen residents and are 28 and 22 years of age.

“This is still an on-going investigation and there still remains much to be done,” commented Fridinsky.

6 people died including the head of Chechnya Akhmad Kadyrov and head of the government council Hussein Isaev as a result of the terrorist act at “Dinamo” stadium in Grozny on May 9th 2004. According to various sources, 89-95 people were injured.

The terrorist act was conducted by means of two shells, one of which did not to explode. A bottle with plastic bomb was also found at the stadium.

Investigation team possesses four versions of the terrorist act; two of them are not to be revealed.

“Bandits could have intended to destabilize situation in Chechnya, cause panic and chaos among the people,” said Fridinsky.

The second version suggests that the terrorist act “was specifically aimed at depriving Chechnya of its head by physically destroying its president and head of the government council.”

Fridinsky did not announce the other two versions. He also called unprofessional work of security services as one of the possible causes of the attack in Grozny.  

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