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Author`s name Michael Simpson

Elusive Anthrax

For the time being, the Americans are gradually ceasing searches for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
The searches for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq are developing according to the scenario they should. At the beginning, the Americans and British radiated authentic enthusiasm: it was alleged that they were soon to discover these weapons. They hoped the weapons would be discovered in quantities that defied any description. Information claiming that either a warehouse, a plant or some other object with chemical or bacteriological weapons would be found was reported almost right at the moment when the US's first missiles were dropped on Saddam's palaces. However, as time went by, no weapon was discovered. For the time being, the Americans are gradually ceasing searches for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
On Sunday, the Washington Post reported that the work Iraq of the 75th Ranger Regiment, consisting of biological and chemical specialists, was to be abandoned. It is quite clear that these military scientists were not studying the fertility of Iraqi soil. However, searches for hiding places with harmful substances resulted in nothing, although it was a large-scale operation. As Britain's Observer reports, the Americans and British have already searched 110 suspicious objects and found nothing at all. This means that there is no necessity for a large army of specialists in weapons of mass destruction to stay in Iraq.

It is not ruled out, at that, that UN inspectors may replace them there. At least, discussions of this kind have recently become more frequent. After all, this problem is not settled yet completely.

Is there any reason for them to stay in Iraq? They are necessary to verify that the Americans do not fabricate samples of chemical or bacteriological weapons  "owned" by Iraq. To tell the truth, it is important to discover these samples, first of all, which is in its turn a great problem now.

On the other hand, does anybody care now that no weapons with chemical warheads have been discovered in Iraq yet? Is there anyone who remembers that charges of holding weapons of mass destruction against Saddam were the main argument for the Iraq war in the beginning? This fact is not forgotten; however, there are few people who wish to recollect it.

It so happens that, if there are no such weapons of, it will come out that Washington and London lied when they were looking for a casus belli. Everyone knows that officials don’t like to admit they were lying.