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Who Is Behind Er-Riyadh Terrorist Acts?

As experts say, people behind the terrorist acts seek political authority in Saudi Arabia
The blasts in Er-Riyadh that, as the recent information says, claimed lives of 90 people, reminded the whole of the world about al-Qaeda. First evidence has been already received proving that the acts of terrorism were committed by terrorists of Osama bin Laden. The USA is launching its independent investigation. At the same time, analysts are puzzled why this time attacks were delivered against the homeland of the number one terrorist.

Relations between the USA and Saudi Arabia after the 9/11 tragedy left much to be desired. Washington blamed Er-Riyadh for supporting Islamic terrorists, but the Saudi capital in its turn was dissatisfied with US's military presence on the Arabian peninsula.
However, as it turns out now, the recent explosions in the residential area where American citizens lived, became just an excuse. Two weeks ago Washington declared its intention to withdraw a great part of the US contingent from the Kingdom. Thus, the main stumbling-block has been removed.

As experts say, people behind the terrorist acts seek political authority in Saudi Arabia; what is more, they are trying to shatter positions of the Royal family. As BBC believes, al-Qaeda members have supporters in the Saudi Ministry for Internal Affairs. The official refusal of the Saudi authorities to let US forces to the territory of the kingdom during the war in Iraq, BBC says, was caused by the wish to please the leaders of radical Islamic groups.
The terrorist acts in Er-Riyadh occurred in spite of numerous warnings from special services. Warnings also came not only from special services. Saudi weekly al-Majalla based in London published an email from al-Qaeda a week ago. The email said that al-Qaeda got a new structure and that terrorists of the organization were going to attack Saudi Arabia and US's allies in the Persian Gulf. What is more, it was reported that Osama bin Laden wanted to launch another partisan war consisting of several stages, al-Majalla political observer Essam Abdallah says.

It is not accidental that Saudi Arabia has become a new target for terrorists. As The Times wrote, it is rather symbolic that explosions sound in the homeland of the number one terrorist Osama bin Laden and those 15 terrorists who hijacked passenger airliners on September 11, 2001.
Although authorities of the Kingdom promise to activate the joint efforts against terrorism, it is rather a poor argument for Washington. The US Administration has already declared it would withdraw some of the diplomatic personnel from Saudi Arabia and would start an independent investigation.

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