Author`s name Michael Simpson

About 700 Chechen Terrorists Take Shelter in Pankissi Gorge

Russian Office of Public Prosecutor is taking urgent measures to stop financing to Chechen terrorists
There are up to 700 guerrillas in Pankissi Gorge, all of them participate in hostilities on the territory of Chechnya from time to time. These terrorist groups are changing the location from Georgia to Chechnya and vice versa.

This information was reported by Russian Deputy Prosecutor General, Sergey Fridinsky on Monday. The facts were given with reference to information obtained at interrogation of terrorists earlier trained or treated on the territory of Georgia. Sergey Fridinsky said at a press-conference at the Interfax news agency: "It is problematic to name the exact number of terrorists hiding there, as rather large terrorist groups cross the Russia-Georgia border. An attack of guerrillas in the Ingushetia settlement of Galashki in October last year confirms this fact. As detained extremists testified at interrogations, there are up to 700 terrorists on the territory of Georgia." He also added that the Russian Office of Public Prosecutor is taking urgent measures to stop financing to Chechen terrorists. These are different sources, starting with money obtained in sale of Chechen oil to finance provided by the international terrorist organizations. As Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Sergey Fridinsky says, operations aimed at preclusion of financing sent to terrorist groups are effective.

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