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Chechnya to Disarm

Armed people, the picture so typical of the republic, will soon become part of Chechnya's history
The inauguration of Chechnya President Ahmad Kadyrov was held without any problems in the city of Gudermes last Sunday. Chechen Interior Minister Alu Alkhanov stated that federal and republican military structures worked efficiently and neatly during the ceremony. "The operational system of the military and special forces was developed and implemented so that people planning to frustrate the inauguration ceremony had no chance to see the plans fulfilled," the Chechen interior minister stated.

At the same time, Alu Alkhanov claims that preventive measures turned out to be rather effective in averting provocations by armed terrorists. The head of the republican police department thanked the Chechen police for professionalism in organization and holding of the presidential inauguration ceremony.

A large-scale operation to disarm the local police and security services has started in Chechnya. A provisional press-center of the Russian Interior Ministry in the North Caucasus Region reports the measure is particularly important because sometimes it happens so that officials of the military and security structures carry weapons even when they are not authorized to.

Russia's news agency ITAR-TASS reports that from now on it is not enough to have official identification papers claiming membership to military structures or guard companies. In addition to official identification papers, people possessing weapons must also have documents citing the kind of weapon and its serial number. The press-center informs that if people carrying weapons do not have the necessary documents then said weapons can be confiscated and the owner detained. 

Acting Prosecutor of Chechnya Vladimir Kravchenko stated today that authorities of the republic cannot put up with some strange armed people dressed in camouflage walking along the streets. According to Vladimir Kravchenko, it is necessary to regulate the problem of carrying and storage of weapons.   

Gazeta.Ru informs this new security regulation is a reflection of the kind of environment the newly elected Chechen President Ahmad Kadyrov intends to created in the republic. At the same time, it is unlikely that the prosecutor sent to Chechnya from Central Russia will risk disarming Kadyrov's people. The new large-scale operation will be targeted at ministries of the Chechen government and regional officials. 

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