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Author`s name Michael Simpson

Women Who Recruited Nord Ost Suicide Terrorists Detained in Chechnya

As was declared after the hostage crisis last year, the suicide terrorists had been trained by the widow of Chechen leader Arbi Barayev
Two women residing in the Chechen village of Ulus-Kert in the Shatoisky district were detained on suspicion of recruiting women for further organization of the terrorist act in the theatre center in October 2002 in Moscow.

Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Sergey Fridinsky reported the information, but mentioned no names of the suspected.

The online version of the Russian television NTV reports that there is information saying two women, aged 35 and 16, have been detained in a special operation carried out by subdivisions of the Interior Ministry. The source reports that the detained belonged to an illegal armed unit. 
Right after the assault on the theatre during the hostage crisis in Moscow, Prosecutor of the Russian capital, Moscow Mikhail Avdyukov told journalists that 41 terrorists took part in the hostage taking; about half of them were women. He said that Zura, the widow of well-known Chechen terrorist Arbi Barayev, had command of the female suicide terrorists. All of them were killed during the assault.