Author`s name Michael Simpson

Suicide Bomber Detained in Dagestan

The "black widow" was scheming an act of terrorism
Russian police officers in the Chechen Republic detained a 19-year-old resident of the Chechen settlement of Shelkovskaya, Shebzukhova, the widow of a killed terrorist. The girl was detained in the Dagestan city of Kizlyar. It was reported on Monday that the suicide bomber was ready to commit a subversive act. Now, the police are searching for people who trained the terrorist, ITAR-TASS reports.

Two major acts of terrorism were prevented in Chechnya during the last weekend. The RF Interior Ministry press center in Northern Caucasus reports that powerful home-made explosive devices stuffed with metal balls, screw-bolts, screw-nuts and nails were discovered in Grozny and Achkhoi-Martan.
What is more, two terrorists were neutralized in Grozny. Police officers inspected a car when two terrorists in the automobile started firing. One of the criminals was killed with response fire, the other fled and hid in a destroyed house. At that, he wounded a police officer. When the terrorist was blockaded in the ruins and was told to lay down arms he killed himself.

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