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Author`s name Michael Simpson

Chechens Fake the Best Dollars

The world circulation of counterfeit dollars is $560 billion
Head of the Central Economic Crimes department of Russia Sergey Skvortsov says that the best counterfeit dollars are made on the territory of Chechnya. He said at a press conference held in Moscow on Wednesday that the world circulation of counterfeit dollars comes to $560 billion, $240 billion of this being $100 notes. In his words, those faked in Chechnya are of the best quality.

According to the Central Economic Crimes department, 98 organized crime groups have been exposed in the first quarter of 2003, and 148 crimes committed by these groups have been disclosed. 11 sets of computer equipment and large sums in rubles have been retrieved. A group of counterfeiters who had faked and sold banknotes of 500 ruble and $100 dollar denominations was exposed in Russia's Vologda region in April 2003. The investigation revealed that the detainees had sold fake money to the sum of 45,000 rubles and several thousands of dollars.