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Man caught in Thailand for raping dog

Thai man was caught after unsuccessful attempt to rape a dog.
33-year old Toripa Ravanga was drunk and blood-stained. The dog badly bit him while protecting itself. 

The man told the policemen that after leaving the bar he saw a sexual dog whose behavior was provoking. He caught the dog, took over the bushes and tried to rape it. The dog was desperately protecting itself: it bit the rapist’s nose and hands. The man quit his intention and went home.
When being interrogated, Toripa Ravanda confessed to the policemen that he had raped three dogs before. He said that he always has a wild sexual desire after drinking liquor. Hard financial situation made it impossible for him to buy prostitutes, and he raped dogs.
According to the policemen, after having 40 injections for hydrophobia the man was released. The police are not going to bring accusation against him. The police spokesman said that the man had already left his apartment – he was terrified of being exposed to shame.

Source: Newsru

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