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Using a fake hand grenade to catch a patrol car

Man with a grenadeA local man in Kalmykia (Russia) got drunk and tried to use a police vehicle as a taxi. He reportedly threatened the cops with a hand grenade.

According to local police, two cops were patrolling the streets of the village Tsagan Aman in a patrol vehicle. At 4am they spotted a local man behaving defiantly and asked for identification documents. Once the cops put the 36-year-old man in the vehicle, the drunk demanded they should drive him home immediately. He showed them a hand grenade to make his point. The cops overpowered the hoodlum and called a backup, reports NEWSru.

The police found out later that the grenade had been a fake one, for training purposes only. The perpetrator is now in custody waiting for charges to be pressed by the authorities.

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