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Forbes to remain in Russia

There will be no new appointments in the Russian version of the “Forbes” magazine, publisher of “Forbes” and “Newsweek” in Russia Leonid Bershidsky stated Monday.

“We are not making any decisions at this point; no new appointments should be expected in the nearest future either. We've postponed all organizational tasks for an indefinite time period due to the known circumstances. After all, a person, our friend and colleague has died,” said Bershidsky. He also stated that managing editor of the magazine Maxim Kashulinsky is currently heading “Forbes”. Kashulinsky used to be “Paul’s right hand”. Most probably, Kashulinsky will become Editor-in-Chief of “Forbes”.

The publisher also informed that neither the project itself nor its main concept will change as a result of the tragic event. “The magazine is being issued in the usual format, with the same ideology and this will last for at least the foreseeable future,” said he.


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