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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Vet surgeon saves homeless dog skinned alive by slaughterers

A veterinary surgeon from the Russian city of Barnaul saved a mongrel dog that fell victim to local slaughterers.

The homeless dog, named as Kuchum, was living at a construction site. A group of unidentified criminals brutally mutilated the animal. They tried to skin the dog alive, but then hung it on a fence and left there to die.

A woman who regularly fed the homeless dogs in the neighbourhood found the poor animal. The dog, with skinned paws and injured head was hanging there on a rope bleeding for several hours.

The woman called a vet surgeon. Doctor Alexander Sviridov was operating the poor dog for four hours on the spot, on a bench near the construction site. The doctor said that he had never come across such a brutal incident during 25 years of his medical practice. The doctors had to put in over 300 stitches during the operation.

The dog apparently had a strong will to live. He is gradually recovering at a vet hospital. Doctor Sviridov said that the dog would be able to recover from the wounds completely and lead a normal life.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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