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Investigators arrest Russian retired colonel in connection with Chubais attack

Such a qualified and experienced specialist wouldn't have made so many mistakes during the crime

The investigation of the attempted assassination against the chairman of the Russian energy giant Unified Energy Systems of Russia, Anatoly Chubais, is developing surprisingly fast. Russian special services arrested a suspect on the case, retired Colonel of the General Staff, Vladimir Kvachkov (born in 1948).

The green Saab vehicle, on which the criminals left the scene, was later found in Moscow. Police officers determined that the car belonged to a woman, who was residing in the area. The woman's husband was a specialist on explosions. The man (Vladimir Kvachkov) was later arrested.

The arrested suspect has many years of military experience. Kvachkov was serving in Russian special troops since 1969. He was contused in Afghanistan in 1983. When the Soviet government withdrew the troops from Afghanistan, Vladimir Kvachkov became the commander of a special brigade in Turkmenistan. The position made him go through all hotspots in the USSR. The colonel has the Red Star Order and the Medal for Courage among many of his other decorations.

The police have already identified a second suspect on the case of attempted assassination on the life of Anatoly Chubais, RIA Novosti reports. The new suspect was a resident of the Stavropol region of Russia, an anonymous source told the news agency. The Office of the Public Prosecutor rejected the information later, though. “There is still only one suspect on the case of Anatoly Chubais,” a spokesman for the office said.

The recent incident in the Moscow region, when a group unidentified camouflaged men opened automatic fire at Anatoly Chubais's motorcade, was not the first attempt on the life of the well-known Russian businessman and reformer. “I know about three other orders for my assassination. I am aware of all the details, I know assassins' names too. The previous attack occurred 18 months ago. The person had purely political motives: he was moved with hatred, he thought that I had sold Russia out,” Chubais said.  

The Russian Defense Ministry acknowledged that the arrested suspect, Vladimir Kvachkov, was directly connected with the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces. Kvachkov was a professional of special operations. However, such a qualified and experienced specialist wouldn't have made so many mistakes during the crime. The Office of the Public Prosecutor has not released any comments to avoid possible confusion: it is quite possible that the suspect is innocent.

On the photo: Vladimir Kvachkov

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