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Nazis slew famous Russian scientist

Famous public figure, human rights advocate, scientist Nikolai Girenko was shot to death in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Russia's law-enforcement is currently working on several versions of the murder case. One of them concerns the Nazis. Thing is, Nikolai Girenko used to be an expert in many lawsuits that one way or another al brushed upon the subject of kindling international dissention.

On Saturday, around noon, Girenko heard his doorbell. The scientist approached the door and looked in the eyehole. Right the same instance, a shot was fired. A bullet pierced through the wooden door and hit Girenko's shoulder. What appeared to be a rather light injury at first sight, turned out to be deadly for the man. The bullet hit an artery. His daughter who was present inside Girenko’s apartment called the police.

According to deputy public prosecutor of the city Alexander Zhukov, investigation presumes that the killing could have something to do with Girenko's professional activity. However, at the same time, investigators do not fully exclude the possibility of a hooligan attack.

Nikolai Girenko was well-known among scientists and St. Petersburg activists alike. The leading specialist of the museum of anthropology and ethnography, candidate of historical sciences, he devoted a great deal of time studying ethnical problems. In addition, Girenko testified several times in court regarding cases that dealt primarily with international relations.

According to the head of Petersburg's department of “Democratic Russia” Ruslan Lunkov, Nikolai Girenko used to be involved in various national communities in the city. Not long before his tragic death, Girenko was working as an expert on a case that involved a group of skinheads called “Schultz-88".

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