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Drunken Dutchmen shook things up aboard Russian aircraft

Two drunken Dutchmen got involved in a flight Tuesday aboard Russian airplane of air company “Aeroflot” traveling to Copenhagen from Moscow.

According to the information provided by “Aeroflot’s” representative office, the Dutch first got into a quarrel which later developed into a real fist fight. The plane's crew isolated both men and reported the incident to the Copenhagen police, reports ITAR-TASS.

Both hooligans were arrested soon after the arrival. According to the “Aeroflot”, no damages were caused to either passenger or the airplane.

The drunken Dutchmen were lucky they were not dismissed from the flight. In November of last year, one Russian man got in trouble aboard an aircraft traveling to New York from Moscow. He caused some troubles to the crew as a result of being under influence. An airplane of American air company Delta had to conduct emergency landing in Canadian Galifax in order to kick the passenger off the airplane.

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