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Arrest us, we're killers!

Cops didn't want to believe them

Three teenagers whiled away the time drinking beer and chatting about “the chicks”.  One of them told proudly his friends how he had once spent the time with some 20-years-old Masha: “She's a gorgeous and easy chick!” And the buddies decided to come over to the girl's place.

Masha wasn't in. A slim guy, proved to be Masha's uncle, opened the door. The decided to drink a bottle of port to celebrate an acquaintance. After the bottle was finished the man got languid, said that he's gonna have a nap and showed the door to the drunk teenagers.

“He pushed me, stroke my ear. I seized an awl from the table and stuck it into the boor's belly”, recalled on of the teenagers during the investigation. “In short we hit him with the awl one after another until we got tired”. The result of examination counted 228 wounds on the dead body – the minors turned their victim into a sieve.

Having come out to the street, one of them said: “Buddies, we've just murdered him, we're gonna be found and detained. As for me I am going to give myself up to police!” His accomplices agreed that to confess to the crime was the best decision.

First the cops didn't want to hear them. “You're killers? Maybe it was you who killed Kennedy? Was their first reaction”. The lads were pushed out of the police station, but the stayed at the entrance. The asked very passing-by policeman to arrest them. When the information about the murder was verified, the teenagers were handcuffed and imprisoned. Later they told the investigators the details of the crime. The voluntary confession will be their only attenuating circumstance. The schoolboys are expecting 10 years in prison.

On the photo: three teenagers who stabbed their victim

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