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Author`s name Michael Simpson

Soldiers Blackmailed for Dismissal of Alleged Rape Case

Policeman who started criminal case used the incident to extort money from two soldiers
The other day officers of the internal security division of the Moscow regional department for internal affairs detained a police lieutenant from Kubinka department for internal affairs (the Moscow Region) for taking a $600 bribe. The policeman extorted money for the promise to end criminal proceedings in connection with a rape of an ensign that two soldiers allegedly committed. The soldiers and the ensign belonged to the same regiment.

The internal security department of he Moscow regional department for internal affairs reports that a 40-year-old female ensign spent a night with two soldiers of 20 years on her own free will. The next day the woman appealed to the police and reported a rape.

A medical expertise confirmed that the woman had copulation; criminal proceedings have been initiated in connection with the woman's appeal. Later the woman changed her mind and withdrew the application.
Alexander Matitsky, the policeman who had started the criminal case used the incident to extort money from the two soldiers.  He demanded that each must pay $300 to have the proceedings stopped. As both soldiers knew they were not guilty of what they were allegedly accused, they told the story to the company commander and the latter appealed to the security department.
On the day when the soldiers were told to bring money they took marked notes and a concealed dictation system. The police spent much time to wait until the blackmailer relaxed the vigilance and took the money.
The problem was that the blackmailer was a policeman experienced in that kind of problems. He seated the soldiers into his car near the military unit where they served and fouled the trail. As soon as the blackmailer got the money he was seized by the police.

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