Japanese fetishist steals 4 000 panties

Japanese police arrested a 55-year-old male accused of theft.

In the course of many years, the man has been systematically stealing panties. The search in his house yielded 4 000 panties that have been stolen in the course of more than 30 years.

The expressive pervert admitted his guilt. He also stated he had an uncontrolled urge to collect women's lingerie.

The 30-year long career of the thief has ended when he was caught by his victim's husband on the balcony while the former attempted to steal his wife's underwear, reports Sky News. “I just love panties and could not control my desires,” declared the fetishist.

One more fetishist has been arrested last year. Surprisingly, he was also Japanese. Police arrested the man for stealing ladies footwear in hospitals in the South of the country. Japanese law enforcement, after conducting thorough search in the man's house found 440 pairs of ladies shoes. Interestingly, those were only left shoes.

The private hospital located within 500 miles away from Tokyo started receiving complaints from its patients and employees. They could never locate their second pair after visits to the hospital. It is customary in Japan to take off shoes before entering some public places.

The stolen shoes belonged to women only; their right shoes however were not touched. 45-year-old Isiro Iri was arrested after stealing two leather shoes during one of his trips to the hospital. Apparently, the thief conducted his “shoe hunt” twice a week.

Iri later testified that he had “passion for women's feet”. Police failed to find out however the key reason for his love of a woman’s left foot.

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