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Family members sodomize their own little daughter for eight years in Israel

Family members sodomize their own little daughter for eight years in Israel

Details of an outrageous sex scandal have recently surfaced in Israel. A 14-year-old girl was sodomized by her own family members and other people. Her own brother forced her to perform oral sex on him when the girl was only five. Child molesters maliciously humiliated the little girl for eight years.

A flat owner raped the child twice when the girl was eight years old. Her father was sending the girl to a man, who used to own the flat in which the family was living, every month. Prosecutors say that the man raped the girl during her first visit to his home. The incident repeated a month later. Afterwards, the man spotted the girl on her way to school, made her get into his car and raped her again.

The girl’s father started molesting his own child when she turned ten. The man started raping the child on a regular basis, several times a week for four years. The indictment presented at a court of Tel Aviv contained a description of acts of sexual abuse taking place in the family. The document particularly says that the “caring father” asked his daughter to smoke marijuana to subdue her senses before committing sex crimes against her. The girl’s mother was suspecting her husband of criminal activities, but the woman took no actions to save her daughter from continuous traumas.

Several months ago the girl’s younger brother saw several photographs of his sister practicing oral sex with their father. When the older brother saw the explicit pictures, he demanded the girl should prove her virginity and subsequently raped her too under the guise of a “medical inspection.”

The girl’s father was arrested after she filed a police report against him. Her elder brother demanded his sister should publicly deny sex crime accusations against him. The young man even addressed to one of his male friends to tell the police that they were a gay couple.

The girl’s father, her brother and the previous owner of their flat have been charged with sexual abuse and sodomy. It became known later that the two men pleaded guilty to charges of sex molestation. However, flat owner denied all accusations and claimed that the girl had never visited his home. Nevertheless, the girl’s description of the man’s flat, its interior and even the contents of his pornographic videos coincided with facts.

Source: agencies

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov


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