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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Another citizen of Armenia brutally killed in Moscow

Another national of Armenia has been killed in Moscow today. The incident happened in the Moscow region on May 25, although the news became public only today. Nineteen-year-old man of Armenian origin, Artur Sardaryan, was attacked and killed in a suburban train while on his way from Moscow to the town of Pushkino (the Moscow region).

The assaulters stabbed the young man in the neck from behind, cut the carotid artery and then stabbed the victim five times in the heart area. After that the criminals pulled the emergency brake in the train and escaped from the scene. Supposedly, there were two attackers in the group.

Lawyer Simon Tsaturyan said that about 20 passengers of the suburban train witnessed the crime. The people could hear the criminals screaming “Long live Russia!” The lawyer emphasized that the assaulters had stabbed the Armenian man in vitally important areas of his body.

A spokesman for the Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Moscow region told Interfax that a case had been filed on the fact of the crime committed for ethnic hostility reasons.

One of the passengers of the train reported the incident to the law-enforcement authorities.

Artur Sardaryan was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. His family moved to Moscow in 1989 after the bloody conflict between the people of Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Lawyer Simon Tsaturyan is currently working with the case about the murder of another Armenian young man, who has been recently killed in the Moscow metro. A group of skinheads killed a 17-year-old man of Armenian origin in the metro on April 22, in front of numerous witnesses. Four of the young man’s friends were beaten.

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