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Naval officer sells state secret for $1,5K

The officer bought a computer and additional equipment to it for this money

A military man of S.Makarov's Pacific Naval Institute, Major Valery Sarkisyan was sentenced to two years in a colony. In addition, the major is not allowed to take state posts for 12 months.

The Pacific Naval Court Martial found Valery Sarkisyan guilty of exposing the state secret information. The sentence was brought down pursuant to Article 283, part 1 of the Russian Federation Penal Code, Interfax reported with reference to the Pacific Naval Headquarters.

Valery Sarkisyan worked at the research laboratory of rocket and anti-submarine naval aviation systems. The officer was allowed to access the information, which constituted state secrets. Investigators determined that the officer copied the text file of the dissertation “The spatial filter of sonar signals with accidental array antenna” on his personal flop disk. Valery Sarkisyan was keeping the file with state secret information at home.

In September of 2002 the officer sold the flop disk, having disclosed the state secret. Investigators say the officer was paid $1,5 thousand for the disk. With this money, Sarkisyan bought a computer and additional equipment to it.

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