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Author`s name Alex Naumov

Cat helps police find woman killed eight years ago

A cat helped the police solve the crime committed in the Russian town of Cheboksary eight years ago. Investigators said the cat from the neighboring flat shed light on the crime.

A woman named only as Larisa went missing in 1999. The investigators working on this case could not find any information on the woman’s whereabouts. The woman lived in a communal flat and traveled a lot. She did not have any relatives.

One day Larisa’s neighbors reported to the police saying that she had been absent for a long time. The police examined her room but did not find anything suspicious. The room was sealed up and Larisa was declared missing .

The case took a different turn when a cat from a neighboring flat jumped onto Larisa’s balcony and hid there. The pet’s owner called the cat, but the animal would not return. The man had to climb to his missing neighbor’s balcony to catch his cat. Looking for the cat under the pile of old things the man found the skeleton of his neighbor.

Forensic enquiry showed that the woman had been brutally killed. The signs of multiple hits with some heavy item were found on her skull.

During the investigation the neighbors testified that Larisa had a boyfriend and their relations were quite difficult. They quarreled a lot, and the man often beat Larisa.

The police found Larisa’s boyfriend in prison . He was serving his sentence for another murder. During the interrogation the man pleaded guilty to homicide and said that he killed Larisa on New Year’s eve eight years ago.

He said that they started fighting one day. He grabbed a hammer and hit her several times. Larisa died immediately of severe head injuries. Having hidden the corpse on the balcony the man bought a ticket and went to Moscow to see the New Year in.

Translated by Alexander Timoshik

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