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Two children killed by gas explosion in apartment building in Chelyabinsk region of Russia

Two children killed and several adults were badly wounded by gas explosion in a semi-detached cottage in village Druzhny of Chelybinsk region on February 2.
After the explosion the wall separating the two cottage apartments, collapsed. A 7-year-old son of the apartment owners and their friend’s 14-year-old daughter were killed by the wall fragments.

The owners of another apartment in this cottage, a 90-year-old woman and her daughter, miraculously stayed alive. One woman were thrown out of the house by the explosion, another got covered with the fallen cottage fragments. The 90-year old lady got her head traumatized, and her daughter had third-degree burn.

According to the village residents, two days earlier, on January 31, they felt bad smell of gas in their apartments. Probably some gas allocating device had been damaged. As a result, the gas pipes pressure limit was exceeded, gas leaked and exploded.

Investigation on this case is in progress.

Source: Newsru

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